March 21st

Below is an overview of our March event in Delphos, Ohio.

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March 21st 2020


Eric Metcalf is coming to Delphos, Ohio! Eric played for the Cleveland Browns the last time they ever finished 1st in the Division. Eric had a great 6 year stint there and produced an amazing talent for them. His later years after the Browns he landed himself with multiple teams. Below is a list of some of his achievements and history.

Felix Wright will also be there for everyone signing autographs! Felix played with the browns for 6 seasons as well. Felix was apart of the team when they last placed in 1st as well. Felix was a DB for the browns as number 22.

Darnell Sanders will be partaking in this as well! Darnell played with Ohio State and later on carried his career to the NFL with the Cleveland Browns, where he was drafted. Darnell ended up finishing his career with the Atlanta Falcons.

Sean Nuernberger has signed on to be apart of this amazing day today! Sean participated with Ohio State, and went on to have a percect extra point conversion rate of 1.000 making a career 216 of 216! Sean was a large part success to the national championship team in 2016 as well.

Vendors are also able to purchase their tables here as well. Vendors that buy out three(3) tables will receive a free flat autograph. Vendors whom buy out four(4) tables, will receive a free composite NFL football signed by athlete of choice. Vendors will receive their items at the end of the event.

1989-1994 - Cleveland Browns #21
1995-1996 - Atlanta Falcons #21
1997 - San Diego Chargers #21
1998 - Arizona Cardinals #21
1999 - Carolina Panthers #82
2001 - Washington Redskins #34
2002 - Green Bay Packers #22

College Years - Texas Longhorns

3x Pro Bowl - 1993, 1994, 1997
2x First-Team All-Pro - 1993, 1997
Draft Pick
1st Round
13th overall

1985-1990 - Cleveland Browns #22
1991-1992 - Minnesota Vikings #22
1993 - Kansas City Chiefs

College Years - Drake

2002-2003 Cleveland Browns #89
2004 - Atlanta Falcons #88

College Years - Ohio State

College Years - Ohio State