June 6th

Below is an overview of our Sports event in Ottoville, Ohio.

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June 6th 2020

We will be making our debut to Ottoville, OH. This is going to be one large event with tons of activities going on that day! Doors will be opening at 10AM, with a sports show with guest signers for the day. We will have raffles, 50/50s and much more that day as well.

At 10AM we will as well be having signups for Free Throw and 3-Point contests with age groups up to 14 years old and the other 15 years of age and older. We will also have a game of knock out for all ages after that! These are completely free to register for. Gifts and prizes will be awarded each game for the top three (3) of each event. You can pre register by clicking HERE.

Later that day, starting at 5pm, we will be having a live basketball game that can seat 700 individuals. For this game, it will be former Ohio State Buckeye National Champions of 2014, Chase Farris, Kato Mitchell, Jeff Greene and Sean Nuernberger. Teaming up with them will be former Cleveland Browns Webster Slaughter and Reggie Langhorne. This team will be coached by former Cleveland Browns Felix Wright and former Ohio Sate Buckeye James Cotton. After the game, all the players will be signing autographs for FREE, for all the fans in the gym who purchased tickets! These gentleman will be playing against the Ottoville Boy scout leaders as well as a few Putnam County Sheriffs. Tickets will cost $30 each.

We will have door giveaways to the first 200 people to attend the show!!! Each giveaway bag is guaranteed at least one (1) autographed item!!! During the sports show, we will be having raffled items going on as well. Basketball game will have 4 game used balls signed by the players, which a few of those will be raffled off that day as well! So much more going on as well that we are doing that day. This is a must not miss event!

There will be a $3 entry fee that day of the event for the sports event and signings. Proceeds for this event will be going to the Ottoville Boy scouts Troop and the Putnam County Sheriffs. The boy scouts will be tending concessions that day, selling food and drinks. We want to make this a memorable experience for everyone!


Brad Komminsk - Player Stats

James Cotton* - Player Stats
Chase Farris* - Player Stats
Felix Wright - Player Stats
Reggie Langhorne* - Player Stats
Webster Slaughter* - Player Stats
Mark Harper - Player Stats
Eric Metcalf** - Player Stats
Darnell Sanders** - Player Stats

Kato Mitchell* - Player Stats
Sean Nuernberger - Player Stats
Jeff Greene* - Player Stats
Joshua Alabi - Player Stats
Cameron Howard - Player Stats

* = Indicates they will be signing only for individuals who purchased tickets for the basketball game.
** = Scheduled to attend, but could move up in date to an event happening sooner.